IJGA & MAJGT Members Raise Money Through AJGA Leadership Links


Several IJGA Members have participated in the American Junior Golf Association’s Leadership Links Program in 2017. The Rohwedder Family raised money once again for the IJGA, while MAJGT member Ian Johnston raised money for Area Substance Abuse Council. Johnston raised enough money through Leadership Links to earn the opportunity to play golf with Rickie Fowler.

The AJGA’s Leadership Links Program allows the AJGA to further its mission to develop young men and women by teaching charitable giving skills and service-oriented practices at an early age. One of the ways the participants can help raise money is through the Birdies for Charity Program, which is where juniors collect pledgesmade for each birdie recorded in tournament rounds or flat donations.

The Rohwedder Family, Adrienne, Symantha and Max, have raised money for the Illinois Junior Golf Association for the last several years through the AJGA’s Leadership Links ‘Birdies for Charity’ Program. This year the kids raised $5,028, through the Leadership Links Program, bringing their total to $14,905 since 2014.

Max is now playing collegiate golf at Lake Forest College, but his sisters are still hard at work to earn their spots on college golf teams.

It is because of individuals like the Rohwedders that the IJGA is able to provide financial aid to junior golfers who would not be able to participate in our events because of the lack of financial backing. This kind of support helps us sustain and grow not only the IJGA but also the game of golf.

Be alert for emails on how you can get involved in fundraising for the IJGA Players in financial need through the AJGA Leadership Links Program and the IJGA Golf Marathon!

Johnston lost his brother to a substance abuse battle last October. He hoped that raising money for the Area Substance Abuse Council would help turn his tragedy into someone else’s triumph. For ever birdie that Johnston carded during competitive rounds of golf he collected money to help those who are fighting addiction.

Informing others on the danger of addiction is a message he hopes to deliver so his loss wasn’t in vain.

“My dad told me this quote, when you play golf, the best way to get out of a bunker is to stay out of it,” Johnston said. “With drugs, the best way to quit is don’t start.”

After raising more than $13,290, Johnston ranked among the top Leadership Links fundraisers in the country and earned a chance to golf at least six holes with Rickie Fowler in November.


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