Educational Tip of the Week

The Illinois Junior Golf Association strives to help its members to not only learn the love of the game but also to learn about the rules and etiquette that goes along with playing golf. In 2017, the IJGA will feature a new rule or etiquette tip on the first tee and on our website each week to help educate not only our members, but also our spectators.

Week of March 20

This week we are looking at Rule 25-1b(ii) which deals with taking relief from abnormal ground conditions in a bunker. Read the full rule here.

In order to take relief from AGC when the ball is in a bunker, the player has two (2) options;

  • (a) without penalty drop the ball within one club-length no closer to the hole than the nearest point of relief keeping it in the bunker.
  • (b) under penalty of one stroke, take the ball out of the bunker and drop it behind the bunker with no limit to how far the ball may be dropped. The player must make sure to keep the point where the ball lay in the bunker directly between the hole and the spot on which it is dropped.
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