Golf Marathon

What is the Illinois Junior Golf Association Golf Marathon?

The IJGA Golf Marathon is an amazing – and fun – event that takes place every other year, the next event happening in 2018, at Cantigny Youth Links.  The event is the largest fundraiser the IJGA has each year.  In 2016, the IJGA Golf Marathon raised $32,000. The best year on record for this fundraising event was 2009 when $70,000 was raised in one day!  Whether you are a former IJGA member, have children that play, or you just enjoy the game of golf, we are asking that you join the team of IJGA supporters to play 100 holes of golf, have a lot of fun, and raise money for the IJGA.

What IJGA initiatives will the dollars raised support?

Funds raised through the golf marathon will be used for two IJGA initiatives:

  1. To create a fund from which the IJGA can provide financial aid to junior golfers that have the desire to compete in IJGA events, but whose families do not have the financial resources to provide equipment, golf lessons, practice opportunities and/or tournament entry fees.
  2. To enhance IJGA programing while limiting increases to membership and tournament registration fees.

What does playing 100 holes look like?

  • Shot gun start.  Breakfast, lunch, refreshments and golf balls provided.
  • Golfers hit multiple golf balls, each ball counts as one hole played.
  • Full time commitment on event day is approximately six hours.
  • No looking for lost balls, OB’s etc.   Simply drop another ball and keep hitting.
  • On the green, “gimmies” are encouraged!
  • For those players who prefer to ride, every golfer can take their own cart.

What else do I need to know?

  • You must sponsor yourself for at least $1 per hole, or $100.
  • You also commit to gather per hole or one-time total pledges from an additional 24 friends, family members and colleagues.    Each marathon participant’s fundraising goal is 25 donors @ $100 each or $2,500 per player.
  • All donations to the IJGA are tax deductible and donation recognition letters will be sent to each donor.
  • The IJGA will provide each player a donor page to process donation transactions, so we will handle pledge collection!
  • We have a lot of faith that fans and families of the association will step up and commit to participate in this great event!   Our goal for 2016 is to raise $100,000! That means we need 40 players committed to a goal of raising at least $2,500 each.

Junior Golfers can participate through AJGA Leadership Links

Fundraising at the Junior level is done through the American Junior Golf Association’s Leadership Links Program. This program allows junior golfers to raise money money for the charity of their choice, in this case the IJGA. You do not need to be an AJGA member to participate in Leadership Links and you do not have to participate in the Golf Marathon to raise money.  Juniors secure one-time donations or pledges for the amount of birdies they have in any tournament where the USGA rules of golf apply. Juniors update their birdie count throughout the year and the AJGA will help collect pledges in the fall. Learn more & Sign-up here!

All funds raised are distributed with 50% going to the charity of your choice (IJGA) and 50% allocated to the AJGA’s ACE Grant. There are absolutely no administrative fees, so 100% of all donations go to charity. For junior golfers picking a junior golf charity beneficiary, the funds raised for their particular junior golf charity will be matched up to $3,000 by the USGA. The USGA matching funds is used on a first come-first serve basis. This means that if you raise $1,000 through Leadership Links, the AJGA ACE Grant receives 50% ($500) and the IJGA receives 50% ($500) but then the USGA matches the $500 raised for the IJGA so you have essentially raised $1,500 to help junior golfers in financial need not just in the state of Illinois but also across the country through the AJGA ACE Grant.

What you get through the Leadership Links Program:

  • Personalized Website
    • Your Name
    • Your Picture
    • Your story on why the charity is important to you
    • Your charity logo
  • Personalized Promotional Material
  • Fundraising tips and tools
  • Fun and exciting incentives to raise money, including:
    • Under Armour Packages (if you raise $1,000)
    • Taylormade Adidas Golf Packages (if you raise $4,000)
    • Ryder Cup Tickets (if you raise $7,000)
    • Top fundraisers may earn a chance to meet PGA TOUR player Rickie Fowler.

If you have any questions call the IJGA office at 630.257.9806, or email Jordan Abdel-Haq at

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