Sportsmanship Award Winners

We are looking for you to nominate an IJGA or MAJGT player who shows exemplary sportsmanship and character. Ultimately we are looking for players who live out our motto during their tournament rounds or everyday life: “Better People Through Junior Golf.” Does this sound like someone you know? Nominate them for the IJGA Sportsmanship Award today by filling out this form.

Nathan Kwiatkowski – September 2017

The Illinois Junior Golf Association has awarded Nathan Kwiatkowski with the IJGA Sportsmanship Award because of the very thoughtful thank you note he wrote to the staff at Cog Hill after he played in the Sizzler Championship.

Even though everyone is encouraged to write a thank you note to the courses who have generously allowed us to use their facilities, it is something that is often overlooked. There is always a section on the tournament information page that lists the individuals that we work with at the courses and their address.




Jackson Husley - June 2017

The Illinois Junior Golf Association is pleased to award the very first Sportsmanship Award to Jackson Hulsey (2022) of St. Charles, Ill. Jackson was nominated for this award after he came forward to report his score being incorrect online.

While going through scoring at the YDP Season Opener at Countryside, Jackson and his playing partners had gone hole-by-hole and signed their scorecards. Upon entering his scorecard into the computer, one hole was entered incorrectly. A hole on which Jackson actually made a bogey, the scoring system had him down for a birdie.

Jackson called the IJGA staff to report the error saying that he just couldn’t sleep that night knowing that his score was wrong. He said he knew a lot of players who would have let the scoring error stand, but he needed to make sure it got fixed immediately.

IJGA tournament staff went back to compare the hole-by-hole scores on the signed scorecard to the scores that had been entered into the computer and determined that it was a staff error when keying in the scores and corrected the hole in question.

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