Tournament Refund Request Form

 Fill out the online event refund request form and provide supporting documentation

THIS IS NOT A WITHDRAW FORM! You must first withdraw from the event online
or by calling the office at 630-257-9806.

  • In 2018, refunds will only be considered with the following scenario:
    • The IJGA/MAJGT member has experienced a medical or family emergency, the tournament registration has been cancelled online or by staff, and the following form has been completed and returned to the IJGA/MAJGT within seven (7) business days following the event date that the refund is being requested for;
  • REFUNDS will be processed as future Tournament Credits applied to the Player’s Club Account. These credits can then be applied to the player’s next tournament.  If the credits are not used in 2018, only those members that have submitted this form in the above-listed manner will be eligible for their unused credits to be returned by check.  These requests will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis and will be considered by the IJGA Division (Playing Member, Youth Development Program or MAJGT) Committee at the end of the season.  2018 Refunds will be addressed by the Division Committees in October of 2018.
  • All approved IJGA refunds will be less a 15% administration fee.
  • If you are on an online waiting list for a particular event, it is the policy of the IJGA/MAJGT to consider registration into the online waiting list as intention to play in that event.  No refund will be provided if you are entered into an event from the waitlist and are unable to compete
  • Changes in a posted IJGA/MAJGT event schedule or weather delays do not warrant an event refund.
  • For past members who have been an inactive IJGA and/or MAJGT member for one full tournament season or more, any remaining credit on their Player’s Club account will be donated to the IJGA/MAJGT.  If you are too old to participate in the IJGA or are planning on not continuing as a member the following tournament season, you must request a check for the remaining credit in your Player’s Club account by emailing Debbie Jacobson ( by the end of the following season.  For example, if you were a member in 2017, but don’t plan to join any level of membership in 2018, you need to request a check be issued with your remaining credit balance by October 31, 2018.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Once a player has begun play of a tournament, the player is not eligible for a refund regardless of circumstances.

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Please provide a full explanation and use the attachment function for provide any supporting documents, e.g. doctor’s note, payment receipt or written verification of participation in another activity. (The IJGA/MAJGT Committees reserve the right to deny any request submitted without proper supporting documentation):

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